Airport Transportation

Traveling to and from the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) and Love Field (DAL) Airports

Frisco Private Driver specializes in airport transportation, driving passengers to the to and from the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) and Love Field (DAL) Airports.

Meet and Greet Service

Meeting passengers at the curb, greeting guests, handling and loading luggage are just some of the conveniences that our passengers have come to expect. Traffic, flight delays and hard to find parking spaces are no longer a worry since your driver will take care of these for you. So relax and enjoy the ride!

General Airport Information and Fees

Frisco Private Driver can transport up to six passengers with six checked bags. The charge is the same for 1 to 6 passengers and there is no additional charge for luggage.

Unlike other driving services, we do not charge extra for driving on toll roads or for airport tolls.

Rates are quoted on an individual basis and all paying passengers must be 18 years or older. Please provide you own child car seats when needed.


We track customer flights real-time and anticipate your arrival based on updated information. So there's no reason for you to worry about delays. When you arrive, your driver will be there!

Frisco Private Driver understands that traveling can be exhausting and hectic.

So let us handle the heavy lifting while you relax and enjoy the ride!

Outbound/Departure Wait Times:

Airport security limits a for hire driver, that is not a taxi, to a 15 minute wait and load time. Airport security may issue a $75 ticket if they choose. Additionally, if the driver is able to stay waiting in front of the gate longer than the 15 minutes an additional $1 per minute may be added to the total amount due.

Inbound/Arrival Wait Times:

Additional wait time beyond 20 minutes after arrival and/or baggage retrieval will bill at $1.00/ per minute. Late arrivals after 11:30pm will be subject to an after hour fee at $1.00/ per minute. 

While there are no additional charge for this service, some airports will charge a parking fee for us to meet you inside. These parking fees are not included and will be on-line base rate. 

If you have any questions about rates or fees, please inquire when booking your service. 

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